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2012 NFL Week 11 Betting Odds

by Blake Stevens on Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

It would appear that the theme for last week’s NFL action was ATS upsets. We saw it on the Monday Night Football game between the Chiefs and Steelers, in the Giants-Bengals contest, Rams-Niners tie, and all over the league.

What will the theme be for this week? For that we turn to the 2012 NFL week 11 betting odds. Before we get into any specifics about any game, we must point out which teams will be enjoying bye weeks: Giants, Vikings, Seahawks and Titans.

From there on, here’s the 2012 NFL week 11 betting odds for the first game of the week, the Thursday night game:

Two teams looking to stop their respective losing streaks will meet at Ralph Wilson Stadium this week, as the (4-5) Miami Dolphins [+1.5] visit the betting favored, (3-6) Buffalo Bills [-1.5]. The OVER/UNDER for this AFC East showdown is set at a total of 45 points.

Moving on, the next set of games comes to us Sunday afternoon at 1 PM ET. Although there are eight games scheduled for 1 PM, thus far only four of them have been assigned 2012 NFL week 11 betting odds. Those games are:

  • Packers [-2.5] vs Lions [+3.5]
  • Cardinals [+10] vs Falcons [-10]
  • Buccaneers [-1.5] vs Panthers [+1.5]
  • Browns [+7.5] vs Cowboys [-7.5]
  • Jets [+3.5] vs Rams [-3.5]
  • Jaguars [+16] vs Texans [-16]

There are three 4 PM games, and luckily, each one has already been assigned its respective 2012 week 11 NFL betting odds:

  • Saints [-4.5] vs Raiders [+4.5]
  • Colts [+9] vs Patriots [-9]
  • Chargers [+7.5] vs Broncos [-7.5]

Unfortunately, that’s as far as we’ll go, as odds for the Sunday Night and Monday night games have yet to be released. Remember that you can always sign up to receive NFL expert picks for this week on to the end of the regular season and the playoffs!

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