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NFL Week 5 Picks 2012

by Blake Stevens on Monday, October 1st, 2012

Just as week 4 comes to a conclusion, we are ready to hit you with the opening lines for the NFL week 5 and offer our early picks 2012! Opening lines are a great way to catch oddsmakers napping a bit, as they sometimes post great betting lines with great potential to be flipped into cold hard cash for you.

I can tell you that right off the bat, there will be no greater opportunity to do so than by betting on the game between the (2-2) Green Bay Packers and the (1-2) Indianapolis Colts. After a much-needed bye week, the Colts come into this game listed as 7-point underdogs against the superior Packers.

Honestly, I almost laughed when I saw those NFL betting lines. The next thing I did was bet on it, which is what you should be doing right about now! Play the GB Packers, take the easy money, and buy yourself something nice!

  • OSH NFL Week 5 Picks 2012: Green Bay Packers [-7]

Speaking of bookie slipping posting ridiculous NFL week 5 opening lines, check out the NFL point spreads they composed for the (3-1) San Diego Chargers vs. (0-4) New Orleans Saints game. Apparently bookies believe that their rear ends are safe by listing the Saints as 3-point favorites. For anyone that saw last week’s game between N.O. and Green Bay, you’ll realize that the Saints are not as bad as their record indicates.

Furthermore, you’re about to witness one of the best turn-arounds in NFL history, as Drew Brees is ready to lead the charge towards a post-season berth! Think I’m crazy? How about I propose that you bet on the Saints to beat the Chargers by at least a touchdown, and then watch them win five of their next six games following their bye! Don’t be fooled, watch the Saints win their first game of the season and be there to collect when it’s all over and done Sunday Night!

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