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Boxing Results: Sergio Martinez KOs Paul Williams in 2nd Round

by Anthony Cashman on Sunday, November 21st, 2010

Boxing Results: Sergio Martinez KOs Paul Williams in 2nd Round: One of the most anticipated rematches in Boxing Results’ recent times finished with one of the nastiest knockouts in the sport’s history, as (46-2-2) Sergio Martinez retained his World Boxing Council middleweight championship by putting Paul Williams to sleep in the second round.

After losing the first fight in controversial decision, Maravilla left no doubt this time around, as he connected with a vicious left hook that Williams chin simply couldn’t take.

“I’m a boxer who makes no excuses,” Martinez said after the Boxing Results. “I said at the final [pre-fight] press conference that I was tired of all the excuses Paul Williams made… I’m much faster than Paul Williams and that was the difference.”

The Argentine’s dominating performance certainly puts him in the elite class of fighters at 160 pounds. The win immediately has fans salivating at a potential Sergio Martinez vs Manny Pacquiao fight or even a, Floyd Mayweather vs Sergio Martinez mega-bout.

“I was waiting for a mistake and I was surprised when it happened so soon,” Martinez said after destroying Williams in the rematch. “I didn’t want the judges to rob me this time.”

Earlier this week, Pac-Man’s promoter, Bob Arum dismissed the idea of a Martinez-Pacquiao bout and after watching the South American’s left hook, the Filipinio’s camp might be really dodging Martinez from here on out.

“Pacquiao is too small,” Martinez said when asked about the possibility of that fight ever happening. “It would be a mismatch.”

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